AFT In Akwa Ibom Newspaper

Akwa Ibom Fire Service - SAFT Demonstration

Akwa Ibom Fire Service - SAFT Demonstration

According to the Words of the Newspaper ” Pulse” – Akwa Ibom Newspaper

Akwa Ibom Newspaper – SAFT & knapsack Fire Stopper in the Akwa-Ibom state has moved to partner with the Akwa-Ibom state fire service to launch a new emergency fire fighting equipment aimed at reducing stress on the officers, while targeting emergency fire outbreaks in the state.

The meeting between the AFT and the Akwa biome state fire service which was help on Wednesday at the fire service office, 2 Dominic Utok Avenue, Uyo, was followed by a training session on how to use the equipment by the officers of the state Fire Service.

The new emergency fire equipment launched in the agency are potable from solution technology and water mist technology

Stressing the advantage of the new products. Skytick stopper revealed that water mist technology has over 100 litres water capacity to target bush fire, fire in filling stations and hotels, with our carrying fire truck around, and the foam solution technology is a mobile foam mixture machine which comprises a generator

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