AFT Demonstration @ Lagos Fire Service

Lagos State Fire Service, a fire-fighting agency of the state welcomed Engr. Jerry Wesley’ SkyTick Technology Global and AFT Water Mist (a German Based company) for a presentation and demonstration on new advanced technologies used in combating fire of all types.

The AFT Products on display were AFT Water Mist BackPack of 9L and AFT Trolley of 50L, which is equivalent to twenty times (20x) the old fire-fighting technology adopted by the fire-fighting agency.

All AFT Products were put to test by the Lagos State Fire Service Officials to prove its strength, effectiveness, capabilities, functionalities and technical know how.

The order of the day started with a Pitch presentation where Mr. Nabil Saad of AFT lectured all officials, top officials, and others on the technicalities of the AFT Water Mist products, while the Physical Demonstration was conducted and all officials participated actively in it.

In Conclusion, the AFT Products was greeted with a loud cheer and a warm welcome idea




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