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Federal Fire Service Unveils New Firefighting Technology

The Apex Fire fighting service in Nigeria, Federal Fire Service on this day acquired advanced piece of fire fighting technology to help fight fire across the country from SkyTick International.

AFT Germany in conjunction with SkyTick Technology provided this amazing fire-fighting equipments which its operation and functionalities are channeled towards reducing amount of water used & environment friendly.

Dr. Liman Alhaji (CG) commended the new fire -fighting equipments saying:

The new equipment would complement the heavy truscks used fro fire fighting. 

He also explained that the new equipment would be used in places where the heavy trucks could not be accessed.

The Controller General explained that the Agency had deployed some fire fighting equipment to some states in the country.

On Recent Assaults on FFS Personnel

The CG. also appealed to youths to desist from assaulting the personnel of the fire service anytime they are on distress call.

He attributed some of its challenges to the bad roads, network failure and the attitude of some motorists who refuse to give way for fire personnel on distress calls.



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