About AFT Products

AFT products represent the state of the art technology in efficient firefighting. AFT has applied advanced aerodynamic technology from flow engineering applications involving liquid/gas mixtures to create AFT water mist firefighting systems.

Portable and mobile water mist CAFS extinguishing systems reduce response time, increase efficiency and control the fire hazard in the initial stage. The Specially designed atomization nozzle creates optimum droplet sizes for extensive heat absorption with maximum lancing distance.

AFT Gmbh owns all the products on this website. SkyTick serves as the sole distributor in West Africa.

AFT Products

AFT categories

Portable Systems

SAFT Backpack 10:01 - new

The portable products bring in significant reductions in response time.

Mobile Systems


The combination of the highly sophisticated nozzle and the trolley supply system make the AFT Trolley 50L.

MPM Vehicle Mounted Systems


The MPM incorporates the patented AFT water mist technology into a scaled up firefighting capability for larger fires.



Pioneering Technology

AFT has applied advanced aerodynamics technology from flow engineering applications involving liquid/gas mixtures to create AFT Water mist firefighting systems. The aft technology creates a narrow distribution of ultra fine water mist, or CAFS using speciality nozzles.

The Droplet creates an enlarged surface area (almost 50 times) as compared to a conventional water tender. This results in rapid cooling due to extensive heat absorption and the resultant steam generated expands 1640 times in volume thus inserting the atmosphere around the fire. The combined effect of cooling and blanketing results in effective rapid extinguishing.



Results & Ratings

  • Best RatingsAFT Protable water mist $ CAFS systems have the highest ratings as per European en3. The protable systems are also certified for SOLAS and various International Bodies.
  • Multiple extinguishing agent optionAFT technology can deliver water mist, foam and compressed air foam (CAFS) with its specially designed systems making them suitable for different fire situations.
  • Dual extinguishing effectWater mist created by the AFT system help extinguish fires rapidly due to dual effect of cooling and blanketing.
  • Dual mode firefightingAFT guns come with the option of jet and spray firefighting mode for distant and close range attacks.
  • High SafetyAFT Technology operates with the option on low pressure and negligible recoil thus providing safety to the user.
  • Smoke ScrubbingFine water mist droplets help scrub the air thus increasing better visibility.


Field of Application

  • Ideally suited for fire & disaster management
  • Oil and Gas installations
  • Shipping and aviation facilities.
  • Police & defence
  • Industrial & Commercial establishments.
  • Infrastructure & heritage buildings.
  • Forests, mines, tunnels and highways.


Internationally Approved Stats