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AFT is a world leader in developing advanced fire-fighting technologies in portable and mobile formats. AFT created the low-pressure portable water mist and Compressed Air Foam (CAFS) fire-fighting systems. Furthermore, all of our products carry many approvals, including the European Norm 3 (for portable systems), German TUV, European CE, ISO 9001, and the Saudi SASO.

The unique design of AFT fire extinguishing systems enables them to operate as a water mist fire-fighting system or as a CAFS system, depending on the extinguishing agent used .

SkyTick Technology is the Sole distributor in West Africa for AFT Products while AFT owns all the products on our site.

AFT manufactures their systems based on a patented technology that converts water into mist, which provides a lot of advantages for fire-fighters. Basically, this technology provides many benefits, including without limitation, the ability to fight most fires using:

  1. Very little water;
  2. No wastage and collateral damage; and
  3. Low working pressure.
AFT Products

Our Products

AFT has applied advanced aerodynamics technology from flow engineering applications involving liquid/gas mixtures.
Originally devised in the rocket science domain and later enhanced for fire fighting purposes – to create AFT firefighting systems.

Recent Purchases

The Apex Fire Controlling Agency of Nigeria, Federal Fire Service Purchases the MPM CAFS/01 alongside other important fire fighting tools from us.
Pictures don’t lie, even if it does, video can’t!. 



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